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Default Windows 7 - Rescue Me! '-}

I have been cleaning up a small Win7 desktop system that one of my sister's clients no longer needs/uses--I've been considering keeping it for myself as a backup but it may eventually be donated. I'd gotten all my sister's data off of it, had added a new user getting ready to delete my sister's userid and data off of it when I somehow farkled it so that while it would boot and the Windows logo would display, it wouldn't get let me actually login to either user account--no Safe Mode access either. I'd been playing with the bits and pieces of Microsoft Office uninstalling Outlook and Excel via the "change" option in Programs and Features in the Control Panel; then I later couldn't uninstall Office and I think that's where it got farkled.

I tried a number of solutions via F8 when booting and none of them worked--no viable Windows Restore file, sfc found problems and "fixed" them but that didn't help. Eventually, I decided to use HP/Compaq's factory restore since there wasn't really anything significant that would be lost other than the time that I'd spent setting up my new userid and of course, the time I'd have to spend uninstalling any original crap-ware...'-}}

When I had my own system custom built a couple of years ago, I had every intention of creating something that would restore my system but I've never actually done it and I've taken this situation with my sister's system as a wake-up call.

What I want is to have/create something that would allow me to (re)establish my Win7 system as it exists at the point of this "restoration" creation--it would be nice if whatever I do is something that I could run periodically (every 6 months, once a year?). The "restoration" thingie would include the OS, my (text) data and all my installed software--I'm not concerned so much about my image files (all contained on one dedicated partition) as I have those backed up using a couple of different approaches.

I think that I want whatever this is to be on DVD--maybe also a dedicated partition on a harddrive?--so that I could just pop it in and automagically have my system installed overlaying the existing system--that's what the HP/Compaq factory reset did.

What do I need to do this? How is it done?


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