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Default That white and gold, ergh, blue and black, dress thing?

I just figured I'd find some folks here that were more familiar with color issues.

Now, in traditional photography a yellow filter was called a "minus blue" filter and used to remove excess blue in an image. Say, from problems with color temperature mismatches.

So I can conceive of enough [read: way too much] yellow being added to an image, changing the blue to white and then, well, tinting the fading black into a mustard gold maybe. Hey, I can also conceive of unicorns.

Has anyone with, say, Photoslop and a good knowledge of color adjustment troid taking an image of the blue and black dress, punching up the yellow (like an overexposure in bright afternoon light might cause) and then seeing if it really could be rendered as white and gold by a simple mistake in the white balance and exposure?

I just can't help thinking, this is a very clever PR exercise, somewhat as genuine as the "shark eats helicopter" photos that went around a couple of years ago. There's just no way it is a subjective "perceptual" difference, as the Nooze keeps saying. Black ain't gold, unless you're in the oil business.
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