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Steve Rindsberg
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Oh, yes ... the money laptops used to cost was frightening.

One of my clients used to bundle up portable workstations for salespeople; insurance, real estate and the like. They'd put a laptop + Diconix printer into a nice attache case. At one point, I had a good dozen of these rigs in the studio for photography, all laid out on the counter. I forget what brands they were, though I remember one of them being a Grid ... that WAY expensive ExecuToy of the time.

Over the weekend, a thief broke into the place and stole every camera and lens I owned, but completely ignored the computers. A Mac dude, I suppose. These were all DOS computers.

Steve Rindsberg
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Bo Aakerstrom
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My Fujitsu Lifebook was a fair bit less at the equivalent of $2500. Wouldn't pay that kind of money for a laptop these days though. It's gathering dust with some other semi antique stuff sitting next to my printer.
A 35mm camera and a Super 8 film camera. If I now could dig out my cassette recorder from wherever that's hiding I'd have the functionality of my smartphone - minus the phone obviously, for under five grand. But I'd need bigger pockets though...

Behance Portfolio
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Hugh Wyn Griffith
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I saw them in the local CompUSA store a few years ago at $99 off-lease!

My Thinkpads were upgrades from my Toshiba 1200XE with its racing 12 MHz 80C286 processor and a 20MB hard disk drive. It also had 1MB of RAM expandable to 5MB.

By the time I added a couple of MB of RAM and convert to US$ I probably paid about as much as for the T20 -- what really rocked me was later adding a 10in HP colour monitor!

What a difference from the blueish laptop screen!


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