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I'm not sure how chezi would be pronounced
Well, the pinyin should at least give you a clue since I've included the actual diacriticals. (I've forgotten how the number notation you use works.) But letting Pleco pronouce all the 'bicycle' words (both voices) is ... surprising. I'll have a lot of practicing to do before I can even approach those sounds!

"chari" is slang for bicycle in Japanese. Might be somewhat close, eh?
See above... but I think apart from the 'ch' (which I have no idea how it is pronounced in Japanese), 'somewhat' is probably wildly optimistic.

Google is practically useless compared to Pleco - no pinyin or tones, few synonyms (no indication about noun or verb), and the pronunciation uses a really bad voice, hard to understand.

I can only conclude that Chinese has a lot of words for 'bicycle' - which is not really surprising!

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Steve Rindsberg
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>> I can only conclude that Chinese has a lot of words for 'bicycle' - which is not really surprising!

Not at all. I can think of several in English and I'd guess you flatlanders have lots more! ;-)

Steve Rindsberg
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