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kayza: Windows 8 / 8.1 was terrible.
After wrestling with Win8.1/Pro, as much as it pains me to say this, I found it not quite as bad as I had thought it would be in large part because of Classic Shell--in late 2019, I bought a Win8.1/Pro laptop via ebay (got a good deal on what turned out to be a very nice HP ProBook 6570b for just under $150) to hedge my bets against Win10...'-}}

From what I have read and seen I think that Win8 would have driven me completely batty and I would have given up in disgust but the tweaks Microsoft did to create Win8.1 allowed me to move through the frustration to functioning stable Win8.1/Pro systems. With Win8.1/Pro I didn't have to fight too hard to block Windows Updates and while there were indeed annoyances, they were less annoying than Win10's annoyances...'-}}

And...yes...that surprised the hell out of me...'-}}

>>But if I'm right that you support your sister and she's not using this app, it's probably worth getting a bit comfortable with the standard menu just so you know what she's doing.

Speaking of hedging bets...I have fixed the game in my favor...'-}}

I do the setup and tweaking on all of my sister's systems so her systems look like my systems on a fundamental functional level with the additions of the software she uses (QuickBooks Pro and (ick!!!) Microsoft Office along with a few others). At this point we actually have matching O/S's although hers are all laptop-based where my primary system is a custom built (Win7/Pro) desktop and my other 2 are laptops but we each have one system with Win7/Pro, one Win8.1/Pro and now, Win10/Pro...

The overlay install of Win10/Pro on the Win7/Pro went more smoothly than I thought it would--I don't normally do overlay installs but, both my sister and I have software installed on the Win7/Pro side that can't be (freshly re-)installed on the Win10/Pro side so overlay installs did the trick. There was more than a bit of a learning curve to getting Win10/Pro tweaked to my satisfaction but I feel fairly confident that I've got a handle on controlling Win10/Pro's annoyances and...so far...knock wood...the Win10/Pro systems are stable...

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