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anne: I would expect any "next" or "previous" links to only travel among the images for that page/album.
Oh good...I wasn't sure if I missed something...

>>I can always upload to the blog library only the photos I want to talk about in blog posts and set up additional photo albums where the others reside.

That seems like a reasonable approach....

>>Anyway, another blog I visit often puts pictures in their posts and then has Galleries for their picture collections.

I think a gallery would be useful if you were looking to sell image and since I suspect you are not, the album approach might work better for you...

>>I'll keep plugging away at it. If nothing else I can try another blog software, but I'm going to see if WordPress can do what I need.

As I've noted, I know squat about WP but from what I've seen of WP blogs and read, WP can be pretty sophisticated and so I imagine that it's just a matter of climbing the learning curve until you get comfortable with it. I would imaging there might be some sort of WP forum where you might be able to browse around for ideas and ask questions?

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Anne Wright
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I've changed the blog but basically given up on the WordPress photo handling. While there might be a better theme or plugin than I've tried nothing is as easy to handle photos as jAlbum. I wrote a long post about it in the web site section here.

Take a look at the updated Woodswell Blog then follow the link from there to the Family Photo Albums.


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The updated blog is looking good! Will check it out and the album links more closely in the next few days and report back in your other thread...

I've just done a ridiculous thing in ordering a new custom system because my current system is driving me mad--see: "Probably a stupid move but.."

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