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Default Scribus and pdf files

I'm not entirely sure if this is a software problem, but I'll ask it here and you can tell me what you think. (Remember I'm a newbie to the forum and to this publishing stuff - be gentle! <g>)

I've found a printer online for color work consisting of the covers for our quarterly bulletin and a brochure for our local association. I produce both the cover and brochure in Scribus, then export it as a pdf file, which I upload to the printer with my order.

First time I used them, everything went perfectly. I uploaded my pdf file, they confirmed it was fine for printing, and a week later I had my covers.

Unfortunately, I had made a mistake in the text and wound up having to correct this in the Scribus file, re-export to pdf and place a new order for the corrected covers.

When I uploaded the file this time, I got a message back saying that I hadn't properly allowed for the bleed on the edges, so I wound up resizing the page to add 2 mm on each edge, setting a 2mm margin all around, extending my graphics out to the new edge of the enlarged page, then re-exporting to pdf. That seemed to do the trick as the file was judged to be acceptable and the order is currently in process. (Still seems odd to me because the new file was literally the same Scribus file as I used for the first order, with corrections made only to the text, then re-exported as a pdf.)

Now, it comes to placing the order for the brochures - done again on Scribus, using pretty much the same format as for the covers. More text, less graphics. On uploading the pdf file, they came back this time saying that there were "transparencies" in the photo and that I hadn't embedded all the fonts.

The "flight verifier" in Scribus checks for transparencies, and had reported no problem. And I checked once again to make sure all the fonts were embedded (or outlined -same as they had been for the covers), but the second upload still had the same problems. The printer suggested submitting as a JPEG or TIFF.

I'm using version of Scribus on Windows Vista and exporting to 1.4 pdf. I adjusted a few of the settings in Scribus, which seems to have produced a larger pdf file, and just for a backup, I also exported the brochure as a JPEG file. I'm going to try submitting a pdf file one more time, but I won't have a reply back from the printer until tomorrow.

Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong here? Or what settings I may have improperly set in Scribus to produce this result?
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