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Default Oddball WinXP Pro SP2 Problem

Well, this one's a new one on me ....

I have been trying to get my husband's new laptop computer set up for our trip to France and am really running out of time. I solved one major issue and am now confronted with another - three programs on CD simply will not install:

  • MS Office 97
  • Corel Ventura 8 (Ventura 10 installed fine)
  • Seiko SmartLabel Printer software
Some others on CD that installed with no trouble at all:
  • CorelDraw7
  • Adobe Acrobat 5.0.5
  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0
  • DataViz Conversions Plus
I have tried installing from the autoplay screen (if one comes up - not all do) as well as from Start>Run.... If I click "install" in the autoplay screen nothing at all happens. Clicking from Start>Run generates an error message saying that D:\ drive is not accessible and to please check the path and try again. Of course D:\ drive is perfectly accessible as I was allowed to browse right to it and click OK prior to getting the error message. And there is the small matter of most other CDs installing just fine.

I have turned off ZoneAlarm prior to installing and - thanks to [expletive deleted] Norton - am currently not running any antivirus software until I finish installing other apps. (When I do I will not be reinstalling Norton. Aaargh.)

I suspect the problem may be somehow related to an NTVDM.EXE error message (initialization failure error) I get occasionally on shutting down, and have read that this MS XP app (for dealing with 16-bit programs in a 32-bit world) can cause various difficulties ... but I've been unable to find my exact issue mentioned anywhere online. This will be the third or fourth XP Pro install for me and the first time this has ever happened. First time I've ever even heard of ntvdm.exe.

The laptop in question is a Dell 620 Latitude running Win XP SP2. The only significant difference I can think of between this machine and the others running XP Pro is that I don't believe any of the others were preinstalled with SP2, whereas this one was.

Anybody else seen this and know how to fix it??


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