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I have given (slightly) more than a passing thought to Linux but nothing more than that. None of the software I use with any regularity has a Linux version so I'd likelly be keeping a Windows system so I could run the software I wanted/needed and...there are still any number of people happily running WinXP so, really, what's the rush...'-}}

I don't really have any concerns with respect to security and Windows 7. I know it's the big bugaboo that is trotted out to scare people but, I think it's a crock pushed by Microsoft and fanned by Microsoft's fanbois. That stated, I have Malwarebytes Antimalware installed along with a good antivirus (Avast Free, version 7.0.1474 custom installed with selected components only), ZoneAlarm Free ( which allows me to see and control both incoming and outgoing online access requests. In my browsers (multiple Firefox portables (nonquantumcrapped) and PaleMoon portables), I use the Request Policy addon or the uMatrix addon to see and control site crosslinks which is where most of the crap is coming from these days.

Will the above "protect" me? Who knows? It probably will until the moment I'm distracted and I do something stupid--everybody does something stupid at some point...'-}}

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