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steve: "Add a new user in PC settings"
THAT'S!!! the damned place where, after I've created the new user, I can't figure out how to get OUT of...'-}}

>>There. Wasn't THAT special?

ROFL!!! Indeed it was...'-}}

Since I've not allowed the system to go online (yet--slowly approaching this), I don't have to fight with Microsoft about not creating one of their *($)#! "microsoft accounts" (a euphemism for "lets us suck down all your personal data")...

I am slowly wrestling control away from Win8.1's preferred borg approach to my control but, there are 2 major issues I'm still having:

1. Is there is anything out there (setting, utility, whatever) that will allow me to control how file copying works in Win8.1. That incredibly *()$! annoying icon that pops up when you try and drag file(s) from one place to another is making me *()$! crazy! I can't see where I'm going

2. The other is some sort of weird notification when copying/dragging that pops under whatever window is active so that you can't see it--it doesn't show up in the taskbar either. That sort of notification should take focus precedence and display on top--not under.

With both of these issues, I can't even figure out appropriate (and on point) browser search terms.

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