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Andrew B.
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Default I was invaded by adware

Malwarebytes was constantly notifying me that it was blocking adware. This only happened with Vivaldi, and started a couple weeks ago. Also, running a scan in Malewarebytes didn't find or clean it. It only seemed to detect it when it was in action. So I braced myself for a big battle trying to remove this.

My first step was to do a full reset of Vivaldi. It's pretty simply make a backup copy of Vivaldi's application data folder, delete the original folder, and fire up Vivaldi. When Vivaldi is started, it generates all the default application data files. After this I exited Vivaldi and copied select files from the backup. The only ones I put back where bookmarks and site passwords.

And next, well, there was no next step. That did the trick. No more adware. I had to redo my color theme in Vivaldi, but I had made a note of the color settings so no big deal. And I had to remind it which bookmark folder should feed the bookmark bar. And now I have my clean Vivaldi.

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Steve Rindsberg
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Nicely done, sir. Or as Signore Vivaldi himself might have said


Steve Rindsberg
and stuff
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Very cool that it was so straightforward. And sites wonder why people use adblockers!

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