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Default Upgrading DSLR; interested in video

DLSR body
I have an EOS 500D Canon (was about $500) and am looking to upgrade, and maybe spend close to $1,000 on a new body. I've been hearing a lot about the EOS 60D (and Mark II) lately, for what that's worth.

My main needs are:
- Higher ISO than 3200
- Strong video capability, in addition to photography
- Quicker functionality (my work Nikon - I believe it was a D3200 - was so much faster to change ISO, f-stop, etc.)

I also want to upgrade my general-purpose zoom lens. I have a Tamron 16-300mm (about $200 retail). Again, my very similar Nikon lens for work was similar but better.

I also currently own:
- Canon 50mm 1.8, a.k.a. the "nifty fifty"
- Tokina 100mm 2.8 (although highly praised, it's been hard to use so far)

For video, the 50mm has a nice focus/bokeh, but I'd like the same for a broad, general-purpose lens.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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I haven't kept up with the advances but, given what I do know, you'd be hard pressed to pass up the 60D or any of that level Canons but the same could probably be said about Nikons also.

Tamron makes decent lenses--Sigma lenses also I think--but I think you need to larger budget for a good quality and FAST zoom. I think the slowness of the lens is the major problem with zoom lenses but they offer so much that everyone works around the lack of speed. I've always coveted the fast (1.2 if I'm remembering correctly) Canon zoom lens but it was way out of my budget at $800-$1000. There must be something workable between the $200 and $1000 that is a reasonable compromise between speed and zoom range--oh, it can't be too heavy either...'-}}

Take a browse around buydig.com--I bought my dslr and lenses there a number of years ago and their pricing was competative and service was good. Also take a browse around dpreview.com in general and at their lens reviews and forums--I've not been to their forums in a long time but they used to be quite helpful...

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