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Default "Smart" phone?

There might be some overlap here with the other cell phone thread going and if so, I apologize, but I was getting lost in it.

Up to now we have had fairly basic cell phones. I have taken the odd (very bad) photo with mine, and used it to listen to mp3s when our car's CD player died, but mostly it's just been a phone. However, our contracts have gone well past the two-year mark and it's time to review the options once again.

A number of friends and family members now have iPhones or other "smart" phones that they can use to browse the Web and collect email, as well as download music, games, and all sorts of things I probably don't need. But it got me thinking ... is this a good way to go for travelling? Sometimes we find ourselves without internet access for our laptops. Since we need phones anyway, would this be a useful backup internet plan? Cell providers even offer plans for temporary international service; we tried this last year (just for phone, not internet), and if this works as well for internet as well as it did for phone service it could be a life saver in Canada and Europe.

If so ... iPhone or Droid or some lesser "smart" phone? Can one still try out phones for 3 days before committing to make sure the cell coverage is decent? We wouldn't want to switch providers only to discover that coverage is even worse with the new provider than it is with the old one. Our neighborhood is in a Verizon dead zone and Verizon doesn't seem at all interested in plugging the gap, but we don't know if AT&T or other providers are any better. We truly despise AT&T but if it should turn out that their service (coverage, not customer) is best we may not have a choice but to go that route. If Verizon is the best we can do, then no iPhones ... at least not unless/until the rumors of iPhone availability with other providers prove to be true.

I hate phone shopping.


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