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Default The big upgrade

I've been persevering with Mac OS 10.9.5 for several years because I'm no longer working with DTP documents and can't justify (or even afford) an upgrade to my Adobe publishing suite, currently at CS6. And I have a heap of files that are only in Photoshop format, or have TIFF or even JPEG versions only in folders with all relevant material for old publishing projects. That wasn't a problem while I was working in the industry, but now the software has changed, the OS has been upgraded, and I really want to be able to have access to the original files in the future.

The time has come when I really had to do something about this before the Mac broke, or the OS broke, or something else broke.

So a couple of days ago I did some serious looking around and discovered that ACDSee handles PSD files well now, and they had a special on all versions of the software, expiring today. I downloaded the file for the Mac version, but it wouldn't install because it needed at least Sierra, and I had only Mavericks. Damn! So I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade the laptop to High Sierra. I went through everything yesterday, upgrading everything I could to the latest versions. The Apple help files assured me that the new OS upgrades were really easy, and had no listed issues.

First thing this morning I went to download the OS upgrade file. But I had accidentally downloaded the upgrade file recently, and the download said it was already installed. That freaked me out, but after a lot of searching I found out that if I deleted the upgrade sitting in the Applications folder, I could do the upgrade download again. Now on my second cup of coffee, I managed that and ran the upgrade. It took a while but it went through without a hitch.

And it only complained about a couple of apps not being compliant. No mention at all of the Adobe Suite apps. I crossed all my fingers and toes, and opened Photoshop. The Mac didn't blink an eye, and opened it happily. I opened a couple of files and it still didn't complain.

So I quickly downloaded and installed ACDSee for Mac and opened a couple of PSD files there, which it did happily. I don't like the interface, too black and Windows-like for me, but beggars can't be choosers and I'm sure I'll get used to it.

So I paid up for the software and am now in business with some backup if necessary to allow me to manipulate PSD files. It would be good if I could find an Applescript that would find all my PSD files, convert them to TIFF and drop them into a single folder somewhere for access in the future.

I had to upgrade BBEdit as well because although it opened he app, it said it wasn't optimised for the new OS. I'd skipped one upgrade and this was the second, so I happily paid up. BBEdit is one of those apps you really need when you need it and it's been such a great workhorse over the years.

The other files the new OS doesn't like are the MS Office ones, but I'm not upgrading them until I'm forced to.

And I did the whole lot on only two cups of coffee. Big ones, though …


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