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Michael Beloved
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Default POD books with Lulu

How did you produce the books you published via Lulu and CreateSpace? Were you happy with the results?
Mainly I used Word 2007 for all text formatting and for black/white line drawings in the book. The cover was produced by an artist who used Indesign software in conjunction with Illustrator and Photoshop.
Lulu’s end product was great, and so was CreateSpace‘s. For beginners I feel that Lulu or CreateSpace is a great facility, since you are allowed to make mistakes, order proofs, check those and then correct them repeatedly without anyone checking it but yourself. Then when you feel confident you can submit for general distribution. The other feature is that if you cannot finance, neither Lulu or CreateSpace charges anything. The cost of the proofs is minimal.
Once you feel confident, you can set the price of your books and put it up for general distribution. There are also packages offered if you want to pay for a more comprehensive handling of your book.
Initially Lulu’s web pages were a bit daunting. This was due perhaps to my ignorance of Internet.
Just about 11 months ago I bought a laptop and sat down with over 20 books trying to learn the software. Before that I had never used a computer and felt that a mouse was a house nuisance only. After going through about 7 work books, I began to get some understanding of the software.
About three years ago, a friend wanted to get my books published by Print On Demand. Prior to that all except one book was done at home by photocopy, then punch and bind. One book however was printed in India under the title of Bhagavad Gita In Its Own Time and Place.
The friend was expert with computers but since he did not learn in the formal way , he kept getting margins and other aspects wrong. He also used the spell check feature and when I would proof read, much was changed by the computer which was to be as is. As a result I decided to study the computer software. I was able to get a footing with Word 2007 and so I produced files and now have completed four books
Most of these have to do with meditation and yoga. Some have to do with translations of Indian books from Sanskrit which have to do with the same. Below are two URLs where two of the books can be viewed.
I am new to this Print on Demand stuff, so I am on the look out for any related advice, as well as information on the software.
I am currently studying CS3 programs having to do with graphics, since the artists who does the covers gets irritated because of my ignorance of these programs and we have to interact when doing a cover. I find CS3 programs like Indesign and Illustrator to be very complex, but I have no choice, so I am strapped down studying those programs, since the artist insists on it and I will have to do some basic line drawings of yoga poses in some of the upcoming books which I already published in the crude punch and bind way. Here are two of the books:

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Kriya Yoga Bhagavad Gita

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