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Default Making the gradient, redux

This could be a Quark issue, an Illustrator issue, a printing issue, or something else.

I do a magazine in Quark 5 (Windows, although it probably doesn't matter). I did not design the magazine or the organization's logo. I was given a template for the magazine and haven't really changed anything (except that the gradient was spot color on one page, and cmyk on the others -- I made them all cmyk).

Anyway, this magazine has a gradient at the top of each page that bleeds off the top edge and side. The gradient is in a Quark picture box that's .875" deep on most pages. On the cover it's about 1.666" deep, and one of the inside pages it's 2.5" deep.

All gradients are 100% Pantone 207-1 at the top, fading to white at the bottom (Quark's linear blend).

The organization's logo, which is used in the magazine in sizes ranging from 11 points square (they use it as an end bug) to a little over 5" square, was done in Illustrator. I don't know a thing about Illustrator's gradient capabilities (I'm using CS, which I guess is version 11) and find the help files confusing.

Anyway, my client is complaining about a couple of things:

1. The gradient "bars" at the tops of the pages do not gradually fade to white. They appear to fade to light blue, and you can easily see the demarcation (if that's a correct term) where they meet the white page.

2. In the logo, the gradient meets with her approval in most instances -- it starts out 100% blue and seems to stay that dark until just before the bottom of the gradient area, where it then fades to completely white. In other words, about the top 2/3 of the gradient area seems to be 100% blue, and in the bottom 1/3, it fades from blue to white.

However, in one instance, the gradient in the logo does not do that -- it fades gradually and evenly from top to bottom from 100% blue to white. This logo is the EXACT same file as the others -- this one is about 1.75" square.

Since the logo's an AI EPS, I did not bother to resize it (I never resize vector files). Well, except for the end bug. I did create a downsized logo for that since the end bug is so tiny.


1. Should I resize the vector logo? Would that make any difference in how the gradient prints in different sizes? The one that doesn't print right is sized to 120%. The others are sized up as much as 340% with no problems in the gradient.

2. Would I get better results in the gradient bars at the tops of the Quark pages if I did them in Illustrator and placed them in my Quark pages? I'm guessing that the sliders in Illustrator might enable me to control the gradient more than is possible in Quark, but I'm just guessing.

3. Would changing the gradients in Quark to fade to 0% of the blue (instead of to white) make any difference? I didn't think it would, since they are process color, but WTF do I know?

Someone opined that the bars on the Quark pages don't fade to white (but end at light blue) because the bars aren't deep enough. Is that possible?

I do have the option of just telling the client to kick the problem back to the original designer(s), since I didn't create any of these gradients, but I would like to know how to solve the problems, if possible.

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