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Howard White
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Default CBC Radio One on Sirius

If you think the only reason to run out and get a Sirius satellite radio is to keep up with Howard Stern 24/7, I have better news.

You can get Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio One 24/7.

This is pretty new. Canada only allowed satellite radio recently (though I'm not sure how its signals previously got stopped at the border.) A condition was "Canadian content" on Sirius.

There was already some Canadian stuff on Sirius PRI channel, but this is the whole deal.

Stuff I like:
--As It Happens (sort of long-form NPR Evening Edition) (Already on PRI and New Hampshire Public Radio carries it.)
--Sunday Edition. Michael Enright is surely one of the best interviewers on radio, covering a wide range of interests.
--Ideas. A daily one-hour event, sometime on things I'm interested in, sometimes not, but always well done. There was a marvelous show a couple of weeks ago featuring ribald Chaucer-vintage women's humor which would probably get Howard Stern in trouble if he were still on "terrestrial radio" (and if listeners understood it.)
--Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap. The old rocker has lots of interesting stories and music, if you like his stuff.
--Vinyl Cafe. Sort of a Canadian Prairie Home Companion.

But there are many other gems, too. The BBC is usually pompous, NPR often boring, but most of the CBC stuff is radio as it should be. There are several other Canadian channels, too, including one in French.

I have Sirius receivers both at home and in the car, and it's worth every penny of the subscription.

(This is not a product placement.)
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