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Default Complacently plug-n-play...

Yesterday my new Brother 5470dw became my official printer. I moved my old HP2200D to my work table and put the Brother printer where I'd had my HP printer. I had forgotten how heavy the HP printer is and I realized that I'd probably have to finagle something so my sister and I could get it upstairs to her apartment next door. However, when my sister came over and test-lifted the HP, she said she could carry it herself as long as I opened all the doors so off we went. She almost didn't make it up the last flight of stairs--she lives on the 3rd floor--but after a rest on the last landing, she managed it. I was impressed...'-}}

She'd already moved her little Brother multifunction printer to its new home. We took the USB cable from the Brother printer and plugged it into the HP--I had bought a new 10ft USB printer cable for her Brother multifunction printer from monoprice for $1.38!!! vs. the $24.99 I paid at MicroCenter for a 10ft USB printer cable (I will be taking that cable back tomorrow to get my money back). I'd also ordered a new USB 7-port hub from monoprice which is really a nice hub so I got that set up on her system first.

I plugged the HP power cable in and turned it on so it would be ready and then plugged in the USB cable into the hub. A device installing/installed message displayed and I pulled up Printers from the Control Panel and the system had automagically found the 2200D driver. Fiddled with a couple of settings and printed a standard printer test page and then another page from one of my sister's files and we were a go.

Plug-n-Play...ain't it wunnerful...'-}}


My sister's been having some problem with the ethernet port on her laptop losing the connection. I did some research on what would be involved with replacing the ethernet port and surprisingly, it's a separate part--I thought it might require replacing the mobo--selling for $24.99. The tricky bit is getting at the existing installed port as it requires basically tearing the laptop apart pretty completely according to the video on the part-site. I figured we could order the part and then find someone to do the actual replacement--I think it would take 10-15 minutes for someone familiar with laptop disassembly to install the new part.

In the meantime, I came up with a possible fix which my sister tried for a couple of days but we finally decided yesterday that it wasn't working. All was not lost as she had a USB/Ethernet adapter that we'd bought a year or so ago for her to use on an old laptop she has that she takes to some client sites--ethernet port on that is also not working. Prior to testing the adapter, while she still had the ethernet cable plugged into the laptop's ethernet port (and it was working), I turned on wireless access on her router.

So, we plugged the ethernet cable into the adapter and plugged the adapter into a USB port and...nothing. Tried a different port and...nothing. Tried using the hub and...nothing. I tested the adapter on the other laptop and it worked just fine so I figured maybe we just needed a different adapter--old laptop is running Win/XP. Since she had wireless as a backup, I went home to research the problem.

It didn't take me long and...when I realized what the problem was, I felt pretty stupid.

I'd forgotten that we installed drivers for the adapter on the old laptop. Found the maker's website, downloaded the driver, copied it to my usb stick and hotfooted it back over to my sister's place. Copied the drivers to her system, double-clicked on the driver .exe file, plugged in the ethernet cable to the adapter, plugged the adapter into a USB port on her laptop and...BINGO! device installed. Moved the adapter to the hub and it worked there too so we left it plugged into the hub. Probably will not order the replacement part.

Don't get too complacent when it comes to plug-n-play...'-}}

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