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andrew: In fact, I don't even see that option.
I don't have the option GWX Control Panel turns off because I never downloaded the Windows update that the panel turns off so I've never needed to install and run GWX Control Panel . I suspect that you never installed that update either but it's good to know that GWX Control Panel can handle that situation and if you ever do inadvertently install that update (since Microsoft keeps pushing it and unhiding it), GWX Control Panel will take care of it.

>>I look over the list to see what's there.

Yes...more and more people are using this approach. Personally, I can't be bothered and if I did bother, it would piss me off so much every time I had to do it that it's just easier turning off Windows Updates completely...'-}}

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that no one dies because Microsoft recklessly forced Win10 on some unsuspecting user. I know that if I hadn't turned off Windows Update on both of my sisters' laptops that at least one of them--likely the one who is now in Chicago but used to be in ME rather than my sister next door--would have ended up with Win10 being installed on her laptop because she's the same sort of person who uses Internet Explorer (oh gag!!!) and ends up with 50 kazillion toolbars in IE. She just can't help it...

By the way...are you any closed to buying yourself a new laptop? Let me know if you need research done...

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