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Default Dell vs. Mac: Advice on buying a new laptop

My old Dell conked out on me. Hopefully Best Buy can retrieve my files, but after seven years, it doesn't look like I'll be running the old girl anymore.

I always hear graphic designers/artists swear by Macs, and I'm considering making the transition. I'd like at least a 15" screen and something that can handle graphic design, photography and possibly some moderate video editing.

I'm currently being tempted by a 17.3" Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 that folds into a touchscreen, for around $1,100. The 15.4" Macbook Pro I looked at was around $2,600.

Some more pros and cons I was provided:
- The Mac will last as much as 8 years while the Dell will last around 5 or 6.
- Apparently Windows' discs are prone to scratching/damage if the laptop is shook around too much. Mac discs are more durable.
- The Mac warranty is shorter than Dell.
- The Dell has 1T hard drive and 16 GB memory; the Mac has 512 GB HD and 16 GB memory.
- The Mac graphics card allows better visual texture while the Dell has a better frame rate for video.

Another issue I have is, I freelance for my old employer, which uses 2002 Flash MX software. I installed this on my old laptop, but with a Mac, finding a compatible version will be questionable. I'd probably have to work at their office.
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