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Default AI on OS/X Appletalk to Harlequin HD QMDI

We're getting very odd result here that has, frankly, stumped the band. So I'm throwing it out to you guys in the hopes that somebody here has seen or heard tell of the problem and knows a fix or a workaround.

Printing from a Mac G5 running O/S-X. The app is Illustrator CS. Printing to a Harlequin RIP (with proprietary mods) driving a Heidelberg Quickmaster DI 45. The network protocol is Appletalk over Ethernet. The RIP is a Windows 2000 server (an IBM something in black). Script Works -- I think -- 5.4 or so.

A job sent to the RIP's input channel from either of two Macs results in 4 empty (no bitmap produced) Cyan seps. A job sent to the same channel (only a spool folder, rather than an Appletalk printer resource) from a Wintel box separates fine. It doesn't matter if the job is sent pre-separated or composite.

The same job, saved as an EPS and placed in an XPress document, prints correctly from the same G5s which are having the problem out of AI.

Our Heidelberg rep has never heard of the thing. My Mac guy posted to the Illustrator forum at Adobe web, but has not yet gotten a response. Maybe Len is getting a well-deserved rest. ::grin::

We already have one DDT workaround, and that is to print all jobs from XPress, but it adds a step and a level of complexity with which we're not entirely comfortable. Nor is it entirely comforting that a channel which ought to work doesn't. Makes you wonder what else will go wrong without notice -- or remedy to-hand.

So: Has anybody seen the like? Failing that, any wild-ass guesses?

Mark Alger
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