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Andrew B.
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Default This is odd

I have been struggling to come up with contemporary looking icons for my forum. You would not believe how many sets I tried to modify to get what I need. It has been months. Finally, I found a site with free use icons that I can modify and use without attribution. So I spent a good deal of time testing the different shapes, picking some, and then reworking them to cover my needs. Then I figured I should download the license so I have proof that I can use these. Well, it turns out there is more than one license type on that site, and I had read the wrong one. And it turns out that the icons I like are supplied by a third party site, and can only be used for free if I don't modify them. And I have to do that. So my next choice is the buy a license that allows that. This license costs $149.

Here's the funny thing. I can buy commercial forum software for less. Xenforo is $140 and Burning Board is $89.99. But I'm thinking of doing it anyway because I'm fed up trying to solve this problem and I don't want to change software or use the other designs I've seen.

I'm also reminded of the time my father was hemming and hawing about getting a color printer for his home hobby use. He told me that for the use it would get, the cost is not justified. I told him the only justification a hobby expense needs is that you can afford it, because hobbies are about fun, not efficiency. A month later he bought the printer. OTOH, his printer cost less than these icons.


If you are curious, here's the place that sells them: http://icons8.com/

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