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Default Oh, I've been a bad boy and intend to be a worse one. PM6.5 under Win7.

Yes, my faithful multi-boot mule has finally pretended to die, leaving my PM6.5 and earlier PM files lost in cyberspace. Or perhaps in the phantom zone.

So I've installed Windows 7 on a newer machine, which threatnes to allow me to install PM6.5 under an XP emulator (virtual mode) under Windows 7.

Except, I don't htink I archived any of the PM6.5 UPDATES and PATCHES which are no longer available for download. Would anyone know if those are still available in any way from any source? Personal favors, web archives, taKing hostages at Adobe perhaps?

It is a sad commentary on the old "PM/vs/Quark, which is more Windows-compliant" discussion to say that Quark 4.1 ran perfectly well under Vista (NT6) while PM6.5 wouldn't. And the last time I tried an Adobe uber-package what claimed it could run old PM files...it fell down flat and couldn't.

Game set and match to Quirk, it seems to be.

So while I'm dusting off files and apps for the last time...If PM6.5 will run under the emulator, I'd sure like to find the patches and updates for it.

Or find up if the lastest Adobe superstuf will actually open and run olf PM files, the way they always promised, but never did.

or has everyone really gone macMad these days?

Take your time, digest your turkey, or your tofu, as many of the members prefer to do. It's been too long since we all invaded a physical pub and proofread the menus!

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