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Steve Rindsberg
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Mine's running 11.6 (Big Sur). 12 was announced in June and released in late-ish October 2021. Mine has yet to begin pestering me to update (maybe it's finally gotten to the point where it's too old to update any more?) but if/when it does, I'll stall for six months or more. And certainly until the current project I'm working on is well behind me.

Mine's a 13-inch model, 4gb RAM as mentioned, from early 2014, Big Sur.

I'm not especially patient with slow computers, but if this were the only computer I could use to browse the web, use MS Office (I've got 365 installed on it), do a bit of programming and audio editing, I'd have no real complaints.

It's a far more usable device than a much heftier-spec Lenovo laptop that I updated to Win10, which is dog-slow to start up and is no thrill to run once it's awake. To get even marginal performance out of it, I had to disable all sorts of MStuff.

And at the risk of sounding like an Apple fanboi, I'll also mention that the service at Apple stores and on the phone is superb. You want to call first for an appointment or the wait times can be quite long, but once you're on the list, you'll be well cared for. I've taken advantage of the store once and phone support a few times.

I hear good things about the support at Microsoft stores too, but they all closed down some while back (COVID) and have yet to re-open. MS phone support is legendary. For its awfulness.

There ya go. One (Windows-centric) guy's opinion.

Steve Rindsberg
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