View Full Version : FOG to FontLab file converter [PR]

08-05-2005, 12:06 PM
From the FontLab web site (http://www.fontlab.com/Font-tools/FogLamp/):
Our Fontographer source file converter turns Fontographer 3.5–4.1 database files (.fog) into FontLab VFB files (.vfb) that are compatible with TypeTool, TransType, FontLab (Studio) and AsiaFont Studio.

With this solution, you can make OpenType fonts using Fontographer or salvage your old .fog projects. Short: FogLamp sheds some light onto the opaque Fontographer file format!

FogLamp 1.0

Want to make OpenType fonts with Fontographer? Design your glyphs in Fontographer, use FogLamp to turn the .fog files into .vfb files, and use TransType Pro or FontLab (Studio) to make OpenType fonts. Easy drag-and-drop batch conversion of multiple font files at a time!

Migrating from Fontographer to FontLab? Convert your old Fontographer .fog project files into FontLab-compatible .vfb files retaining all important elements including outlines, templates/masks, guidelines, bitmaps and font header information!

Design in Fontographer, produce in FontLab? Continue to design the glyphs using your familiar Fontographer but use Fontlab Ltd.'s up-to-date font technology to produce the final fonts! Take the converted .vfb files to TransType, FontLab (Studio) or AsiaFont Studio to do the final font production in Type 1, TrueType or OpenType format.

Need high-precision fonts? Fontographer defines point coordinates with non-integer precision. FogLamp can convert .fog files into .vfb with increased precision up to 10,000 UPM. Useful when making complex ornaments, logos, signatures, Baroque initials.
Available for Windows and Mac (see web site for details). $79 U.S. Demos also available.