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08-04-2005, 08:39 AM
I haven’t been paying attention to my Veer catalogs, until the one that arrived this week. Several fonts caught my eye, among them …

Nicholas (http://www.veer.com/products/typedetail.aspx?image=SHT0000042), a display font based loosely on the Jenson model, designed as a companion to designer Nick Shinn’s Jenson revival Goodchild.

Nicolas Jenson’s 1473 original was plainly never contemplated as display type, but for headline purposes the enlarged x-height, refined weights, and tight letterfit of Nicholas seem to work very well. It is “big” in the same sense as Matthew Carter’s Big Caslon, which has been used effectively as a companion to Adobe Caslon.

I dislike Nicholas’s use in text, even at the large-ish size (20 point or so) shown in the catalog and on-screen. The letters seem cramped and uncomfortable. (For that, the same designer’s Goodchild (http://www.veer.com/products/typedetail.aspx?image=SHT0000018) would clearly be a better choice.)

08-06-2005, 11:31 AM
That's some of Nick Shinn's best work so far, I think. Nice!

08-06-2005, 11:55 AM
That's some of Nick Shinn's best work so far, I think. Nice!Based on the samples, it seems very finished and mature.

At first I was bemused at the whole notion of such a “big” Jenson but in fact the Florentine features that please the eye most — the slant-barred e, for example — are nicely shown off in this face, and often kind of lost in text sizes.