View Full Version : Critique Company Pamphlet, Please

12-05-2016, 01:02 AM
I made a 2-sided company profile based on a local entrepreneur. Although it's nothing groundbreaking, I'm pretty satisfied it and think I'll put it in my portfolio. The only parts I didn't create myself are the watercolor buffalo and the choice of company name typefaces. For some reason, it uploaded slightly blurry:

http://s976.photobucket.com/user/CaleStelken/media/bluebuffalo2sidedprofilestraight_zpsrlisrqbe.png.h tml

Also, for the heck of it, using my personal photography collection, I also made a simple soap advertisement:


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

12-05-2016, 01:19 PM
I love the Everyone Soap...'-}}

Are there supposed to be smudges at the top right/center?

They both look good although I can't make the images larger so it's difficult to read the text particularly the "Blue Buffalo" one and with respect to that, I'd put location, phone, email on the front page also say, in the lower right corner. It's also difficult to read the text in the Everyone Soap in darkish-green box overlaying the kid's hair.