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07-18-2005, 03:33 PM
FogLamp for Fontographer Users:
Convert Fontographer .fog files into FontLab-compatible files

Port Angeles, WA, USA — July 18, 2005. To celebrate the opening of the “Type Week” in New York, Fontlab Ltd. announced today the release of FogLamp, a new conversion utility for Fontographer users.

FogLamp converts Fontographer font source files (.fog databases) into FontLab-compatible .vfb files. The easy drag-and-drop batch conversion process retains all relevant elements of the .fog file including outlines, template/mask, bitmaps, hints, font naming and other font header information.

“FogLamp is our first new product that utilizes the Fontographer technology. We are releasing this product merely two months after licensing Fontographer from Macromedia, which confirms our commitment to developing the Fontographer product line,” said Ted Harrison, president of Fontlab Ltd. “With FogLamp, former Fontographer users can salvage their old project files. Current users of Fontographer can design type in their familiar environment while using technologically more up-to-date products such as TypeTool, FontLab (Studio), TransType or AsiaFont Studio for final font production. In short, FogLamp sheds some light onto the opaque Fontographer file format,” said Harrison.

FogLamp retails at US $79 and is available in attractively-priced bundles such as the Fontographer “Power Pack”, which is a new integrated OpenType font making solution, encompassing Fontographer, FogLamp and TransType Pro. All products from Fontlab Ltd. carry a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Visit the FogLamp page at http://www.fontlab.com/Font-tools/FogLamp/