View Full Version : AmazType (fun on the web)

07-06-2005, 09:46 AM
Caught this entertaining link from the July 2005 issue of the LinoLetter newsletter: AmazType (http://amaztype.tha.jp/) — a typographic book search.

Select your local Amazon, type of media (books, music), type in a search word (TYPOGRAPHY, say), and ask it to search by title.

Within a few moments, with lots of bleeps and blipping noises, the letters of your search word will be created on-screen with the letters formed by a collection of book covers. Click on one of them, and it blows up, and in excruciatingly tiny all-caps type, you get the title, author, and a link to Amazon so you can buy it if you want.

Silly, but cute. Comes from Japan.