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05-18-2005, 01:35 PM
Gerard Unger is less famous than he ought to be. His fonts are full of character, well drawn, nicely fitted. And they are distinctive, from each other and from the work of others.

Not only is he a distinguished type designer, but a gifted and funny speaker (in English, no less; and, one assumes, in his native Dutch). He is an expert on the life and work of American designer William Addison Dwiggins. (For a taste of his style, read the Unger interview at ArtYears.com (http://artyears.com/exclusive/unger.html)).

One reason his work isn’t well-known is that he prefers to license many of his fonts directly to a limited number of customers. Another reason may be that when he was licensing fonts to other libraries, they were spread around: Amerigo and Oranda to Bitstream; Hollander, Swift, Demos, Flora, and Praxis to Linotype; Argo, Paradox, and Unico to the Dutch Type Library; others to FontShop and Visualogik. Or maybe he just doesn’t like to toot his own horn.

Anyway, today I was delighted to come across the Gerard Unger web site (http://www.gerardunger.com/). It includes his bio, showings of his many fonts, links to font sellers, and his own online font store. Check him out.

05-18-2005, 02:32 PM
My, but I enjoyed looking at his fonts! Oh dear...I think Capitolium, Vesta and BigVesta are calling my name, but I don't think my budget hears the same sweet music. <sigh>