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03-05-2007, 07:28 PM
Sometime around the 19 Feb. I started receiving almost no spam from my CIS email account. From around 100 per day to 0-4. Does anyone know if Compuserve has implemented a new spam filter?

This is the next morning. I just reviewed my spam folder and found that it has returned in volume.

What actually seems to have happened is that somehow my email went on vacation while I was out of the country. I left town on 14 Feb. I received mail on my laptop through 19 Feb, then nothing (not spam, not good stuff) until I returned on 2 Mar. I noticed on 21 Feb that nothing was coming through and used Mail2Web to see if somehow CIS did not like delivering to an Israeli IP address, but nothing was there....

I wonder where it all went. Have any you world travelers seen something like this?

Hugh Wyn Griffith
03-06-2007, 08:29 AM
Yes I have noticed a drop from the dozens a day to under 10 on the two Compuserve Classic mail accounts.

My impression is that there is almost no-one in the mail section of Compuserve. OTH AOL does actively filter spam, I understand, so perhaps they have borrowed some of the AOL filtering.

Prospero are doing work on the web pages -- the build number just changed, then went back and now is back to 4413 -- right mouse click on a page and View Source.

03-06-2007, 02:15 PM
I haven't noticed any lessening of spam on my cserve account--classic numeric email addy.