View Full Version : Jerry Lee Lewis, "Last Man Standing"

03-03-2007, 07:11 PM
There are times I miss Big Jim Eaves, and then there are times when I really miss him. Tonight may be such a night. He always had something to say about music.

PBS is running a long fund-raiser and Great Performances special featuring Jerry Lee Lewis. At 71, he is still a fine piano player, and a good singer (his voice has survived the ravages of time).

This special includes many of Lewis’s annointed favorites, including Norah Jones, Kris Krostofferson, John Fogerty, Willy Nelson, and more.

He doesn’t stand up and dance on the piano any more (though he did stand at the end, briefly). But even though his hands are obviously gnarled by arthritis, Jerry Lee still plays fabulously.

I do not know how this show is distributed among PBS stations (it is clearly a fund-raiser), but if you get a chance, do watch it.