View Full Version : New fonts available at P22 -- Jim Rimmer Collection

01-11-2006, 01:51 PM
From a P22 announcement:

P22 is pleased to announce the availability of the Jim Rimmer Collection. This digital type collection is the culmination of decades of typographic work at his Pie Tree press and type foundry. This is the first time these fonts are available to the public. The brand new website shows the range of Mr. Rimmer's work: from the Sans serif families Credo and Dokument suitable for text setting to the expressive Zigarre Script and Poster Paint display fonts. Over 150 individual fonts plus many expanded Opentype vesions which include various styles of figures, small caps and expanded language sets.


These fonts (at least some of them -- the pricing structure's a bit confusing to me) are being discounted for the month of January.