View Full Version : P22's 2006 Font Club memberships now available

12-25-2005, 11:48 PM
The fourth annual P22 font foundry's club memberships are now available. The Club special is a limited offer available from Dec 14, 2005 to Jan. 31, 2006 only.


I've joined every year, and I have never been disappointed. P22 has fabulous fonts, including many really unusual typefaces that you won't find anywhere else.

And their end-of-year surprise package is always spectacular.

From the web page:

Any 5 single fonts (priced at $19.95 ea) delivered to you free at any point during the year (all at once or as you need them). These fonts may be from any division of P22, IHOF, Lanston, Rimmer Type or Sherwood.

A 20% discount on everything throughout the year. The discount applies to fonts from any division of P22, IHOF, Lanston, Rimmer or Sherwood as well as books, CDs or apparel. (Discount can be used in addition to special sales offered throughout the year unless noted on some unforeseen really huge sale).
10% discount on full collections (which are already discounted).

An exclusive font for club members
Yes, you will receive a free bonus font that will be made available only to the P22 Club members. This font will not be made available to the public, so it really is exclusive!

Deluxe P22 Club membership certificate
Letterpress printed and numbered, your membership certificate will look great in your collection of ?papers that I just can't bring myself to throw away.?

Bonus Surprises
We don't even know what this will be, but be assured, when we have something special, it will be for our club members first and foremost.

Advance notice of new releases so you can get them before anyone else.

Special Sales for Club Members only.

For more information, check out the P22 web site.